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Accountability | Community | Financial Freedom | Mentorship


A 6-month innovative and intimate program designed exclusively for women who earnestly desire financial freedom, wealth accumulation and small business ownership.


  • Private Group Coaching
  • Virtual Learning Environment
  • Strategic Systems and Solutions
  • LIVE Training Calls
  • Q&A Opportunities
  • Guided Assistance And Support
  • Financial And Business Resources
  • Accountability And Community
  • Private Facebook Group Access
Client Satisfaction Guarantee*

 "Each month, I'll challenge you with strategies designed to help you measure your progress while advancing and elevating your life and business." - Coach Carol


Money and Mindset
Money and Business Strategies
Customized Spending Plans
Income Stream Generation
Rapid Debt Elimination
Mortgages Payoff Strategies
Women And Credit
Estate Planning
Marketable Securities
Compound Interest
Small Business Fundamentals
Virtual Team Building
Target Market Identification
Marketing Techniques
Product Creation
...And So Much More...


  • Women who are professional, high-achieving, and ambitious
  • Women who have been living and functioning beneath their potential
  • Women who recognize that support from a mentor will change the game for economic power and business success in their life
  • Women who believe that new systems, strategies and accountability will elevate their lives
  • Women who desire to turn their passion into profit, and create a brand that can be trademarked
  • Women who want to leave an inheritance of wealth and business(es) to their children


  • Participation - 100%. So you can reap the MAXIMUM results this program is designed to deliver.
  • Application - Knowledge alone, isn't power. Applied knowledge is.
  • Cooperation - Seize every opportunity to remain engaged in your progress and process.
  • Demonstration - Prove to yourself that you really "can do this" and "will do this" for your vision, dream, passion, family, business and legacy!
  • Elevation - Position yourself and expect to see shifts in your mind, motion, habits, and money.

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